20 challenges

Help us raise funds towards employing a youthworker by taking on one of these challenges - or come up with your own, these are just ideas to get you started, some are small things you could do individually, others would need to be organised events - feel free to offer to do the organising!

  1. 400ft Bungee Jump
    Various organisations arrange this, insanity optional.
  2. Sponsored Diet
    No, we’re not saying you’re fat! 
  3. Sky Diving
    Yes, that does mean out of a plane (with a parachute though!)
  4. Open your garden
    To visitors, not burglars - that would be silly.
  5. London – Paris Bike ride
    Not only good for you, it would take the bikes away from around here!
  6. Sponsored bath in baked beans
    You know you want to!
  7. Give up chocolate for 20 days
    You know you don’t want to!
  8. 160ft Bungee Jump off Tower Bridge
    Not as far as No.1, more public though!
  9. Dress down day at work
    Organise for your firm to do this, get people to pay to join in.
  10. Spire to Spire Trekathon 
    (Winchester to Salisbury) – 1 day 26 miles
  11. 3 legged walk
    from Forest Green to Leith Hill Tower.
  12. Abseil down local building
    We’re planning to arrange this.
  13. Wash 20 cars down your road
    Or 20 of your own cars, depends on the road really!
  14. 100km Thames Path Challenge
    A very long walk or jog.
  15. 60km Thames Path Challenge
    Like 14, but a bit shorter - you do the maths.
  16. 20 days without TV
    Yes 20 whole days - you’ll thank us at the end!
  17. Sponsored run 
    e.g. Great North Run.
  18. 20 days tee-total
    Doesn’t count if you’re already tee-total!
  19. Sponsored Wax
    (Men only)
  20. Sponsored Silence
    (Women only)

Once you decide what you want to do, let us know, we’ll supply you with Sponsor forms: 

Or contact us if you’d just like to be kept informed of our organised events.