Youth Worker

We’d like to thank all of those who have contributed to raising funds for a Youth Leader in the villages of Ockley, Okewood Hill, Walliswood and Forest Green. The Youth leader was to be employed by the OOFG PCC and having raised sufficient funds, recruitment started in 2016.

However the process had to be placed on hold due to changes to the Parish, which was split into two separate Parishes, Ockley with Capel and Okewood Hill and Forest Green with Ewhurst. This creating complications about employment arrangements and how the much wider area could be covered by a part-time post.

Once the new Parishes were settled the trustees were keen to restart the recruitment process and so met with the Youth Advisor from the Diocese to discuss the best way forward. However the pandemic has meant further delays to our plans.

Once things return to normal we will be implementing plans to get things moving again towards our goal of recruiting a Youth Worker.