Our Main target

We reached our original target of £20,000 through donations and events and we have a few regular givers so have the finances to get this project under way. Some of that is salary for the successful applicant; we may have to fund their accommodation,

We’ll seek funding from any organisation that’s willing to give us money, but the bulk of the cost will have to be found locally; through donations small and large, and through generous people giving their time and talent to put on events others will want to pay to be a part of.

Of course this is not a one off target as we’ll need to keep funding this role each year so ideally we would welcome regular donations.

If you'd like to get involved with the fundraising by offering your time, gifts or skills, we'd love to hear from you. 

Standing Orders and Gift Aid

If you think you could make a regular monthly, or quarterly donation to our cause, click here to download the forms. Gift Aid will soon be collected for us on online donations as well.

20.4teens Registered Charity No. 1159850