Youth Worker

We’d like to thank all of those who have contributed to raising funds for a Youth Leader in the villages of Ockley, Okewood Hill, Walliswood and Forest Green. The Youth leader was to be employed by the OOFG PCC and having raised sufficient funds, recruitment started in 2016.

However the process had to be placed on hold due to changes to the Parish, which was split into two separate Parishes, Ockley with Capel and Okewood Hill and Forest Green with Ewhurst. This creating complications about employment arrangements and how the much wider area could be covered by a part-time post.

Once the new Parishes were settled the trustees were keen to restart the recruitment process and so met with the Youth Advisor from the Diocese to discuss the best way forward. However the pandemic has meant further delays to our plans.

Once things return to normal we will be implementing plans to get things moving again towards our goal of recruiting a Youth Worker.

Charity Status

Great News! 20.4teens is now a registered charity in its own right, we will shortly have updated donation forms available to make giving with Gift Aid easier.

Registered Charity no. 1159850

24 Peaks Challenge Completed

Green Gable summit

I finished the challenge of 24 peaks over 2,400ft in 24hrs walking in the Lake District fells on Tuesday 29th July, in a time of 24hrs and 25mins.

Huge thank you to everyone who's sponsored me - please get the money to me somehow, or use the button below to give online. And there's still time if you haven't sponsored yet and would like to!

The walk was actually longer than I'd thought at 35.4 miles, not the 32 I thought, but as expected it was the height gain that was the most punishing, or rather the height loss as the descents killed my knees! It was an epic 2 days with warm sunshine throughout the 14 hours of day 1, across Great Gable, Skafell Pike to name just a couple, misty by Bowfell - the last of the day. Day two brought the opposite with total cloud cover, rain and bitter winds across Red Pike, Dollywagon Pike and Helvelyn, clearing by the time I reached the Dodds, 24 peaks and the expected 32 miles were covered in 23hrs and 15mins, but the whole challenge includes the 2 miles or so to the finish at Grovebeck Fold left me ending frustrating close to the 24hr target.

Progress report

We now have enough funds to apply for Charitable status (min £5,000) so that we are an independent charity. Grants are also being applied for where funding bodies support youth activities and we also will be doing various fund-raiser through the year, including a repeat of the very popular Barn Dance last November. Watch this space for more info and events...

Christmas and beyond...

Our last fundraising event of the year will be a stall at the parish Christmas bazaar on Saturday Nov 2-4pm in Ockley Village Hall. We'll be selling Christmas decorations and of course taking donations! There will be lots of other great stalls for Christmas shopping so come along and get in the spirit!
It's been a great start to our campaign, with the launch event in September, the Barn Dance in October (which may well become an annual event) and of course Chris' sponsored bike ride giving us a great start to our fundraising towards the goal of hiring a youthworker next year.
Huge thanks to all who've given their time, talents and funds to the cause - keep up the great work.

Chris' bike ride

Huge thanks to Chris for his bike ride - final total raised was around £565 - well done Chris, and thanks to all his sponsors!

Geneva to Nice... by bike!

Chris Hamp has kindly offered to fund our campaign through his sponsored bike ride. This marathon ride covers around 350 miles... over the ALPS!!!

Below is his description of what's ahead:

I will be setting out on Friday 13th of September (lucky I’m not superstitious!) to attempt to cycle from Geneva to Nice! I will, hopefully, be covering around 85 miles per day and, as you might imagine, it will not be easy going as the Alps tend to get in the way! I realise I am probably getting a bit old for this sort of thing, but I enjoy a challenge and I am doing this for a very good cause.

With your help, I am hoping to contribute towards the 20.4teens appeal, which is hoping to provide a part-time youth worker for our parishes. If you feel you would like to sponsor me that would be terrific!

To sponsor Chris online click here.

Tie Dye for...

It was a beautiful day at the flower show in August, with lots of kids and adults alike enjoying the Gel Cell for wacky hair colouring, making Tie Dye T shirts on site, and getting a seaside style instant photo. Funds were raised for the cause and a great time was had by all.

Wot no flowers?

We'll be at the Flower show at Oakwood this Saturday (12th) - we won't have any flowers but we will be there brightening the place up. Come and find us and design your own Tie Dye T-Shirt; get your hair sprayed a wacky colour, have an instant photo taken with a new body (!?) - hope to see you there! (from midday)

Well and truly launched!

Launch evening guests.

The launch event on July 20th at Okewood Village Hall was a huge success. The hall was packed to capacity as everyone enjoyed a wonderful evening together with a delicious meal and music from 'Men in Sheds' - the band's lead singer Chris also headed the auction, which along with a silent auction, a raffle and general donations raised over £2,500 - a great start towards our target of £20,000.

The auction prompted some fevered bidding thanks to generous offers from local people such as an Opera lesson and a month of flower arrangements.

Huge thanks are due to Linda and Pam who cooked our wondeful food, all our teenager helpers who served, Chris and his band, and most of all to all who attended making it such a warm community evening.

Our next event will be a barn dance - more to follow on this, but in the mean time we will have a stall at Oakwood, Ockley and Forest Green Flower Show on Aug 10th. Hope to see you there!


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