Geneva to Nice... by bike!

Chris Hamp has kindly offered to fund our campaign through his sponsored bike ride. This marathon ride covers around 350 miles... over the ALPS!!!

Below is his description of what's ahead:

I will be setting out on Friday 13th of September (lucky I’m not superstitious!) to attempt to cycle from Geneva to Nice! I will, hopefully, be covering around 85 miles per day and, as you might imagine, it will not be easy going as the Alps tend to get in the way! I realise I am probably getting a bit old for this sort of thing, but I enjoy a challenge and I am doing this for a very good cause.

With your help, I am hoping to contribute towards the 20.4teens appeal, which is hoping to provide a part-time youth worker for our parishes. If you feel you would like to sponsor me that would be terrific!

To sponsor Chris online click here.