24 Peaks Challenge Completed

Green Gable summit

I finished the challenge of 24 peaks over 2,400ft in 24hrs walking in the Lake District fells on Tuesday 29th July, in a time of 24hrs and 25mins.

Huge thank you to everyone who's sponsored me - please get the money to me somehow, or use the button below to give online. And there's still time if you haven't sponsored yet and would like to!

The walk was actually longer than I'd thought at 35.4 miles, not the 32 I thought, but as expected it was the height gain that was the most punishing, or rather the height loss as the descents killed my knees! It was an epic 2 days with warm sunshine throughout the 14 hours of day 1, across Great Gable, Skafell Pike to name just a couple, misty by Bowfell - the last of the day. Day two brought the opposite with total cloud cover, rain and bitter winds across Red Pike, Dollywagon Pike and Helvelyn, clearing by the time I reached the Dodds, 24 peaks and the expected 32 miles were covered in 23hrs and 15mins, but the whole challenge includes the 2 miles or so to the finish at Grovebeck Fold left me ending frustrating close to the 24hr target.