Well and truly launched!

Launch evening guests.

The launch event on July 20th at Okewood Village Hall was a huge success. The hall was packed to capacity as everyone enjoyed a wonderful evening together with a delicious meal and music from 'Men in Sheds' - the band's lead singer Chris also headed the auction, which along with a silent auction, a raffle and general donations raised over £2,500 - a great start towards our target of £20,000.

The auction prompted some fevered bidding thanks to generous offers from local people such as an Opera lesson and a month of flower arrangements.

Huge thanks are due to Linda and Pam who cooked our wondeful food, all our teenager helpers who served, Chris and his band, and most of all to all who attended making it such a warm community evening.

Our next event will be a barn dance - more to follow on this, but in the mean time we will have a stall at Oakwood, Ockley and Forest Green Flower Show on Aug 10th. Hope to see you there!

Launch-auction-music-dinner Night

Catchy eh? The parish will be launching 20.4teens - our campaign to raise the funds needed to employ someone in this vital youth role. This is the first ever launch, auction, music and dinner-served-by-teenagers event that we’re aware of - we’re already setting records!

7.30pm Saturday 20th July 2013 (*NEW date*)

Oakwood Hill Village Hall

Join us for a supper, served to you by our teenagers (they want your help and are keen to show it!), there will be an auction of promises and a live band!

Please come along and find out more: why we’re doing this; how you can help; bid for some of the amazing skills and opportunities in the auction, and enjoy a wonderful social evening... and don’t worry, the teenagers aren’t cooking you beans on toast!


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