20 reasons...

...we need a Youth worker to:

1. help build a local community for kids

2. inspire leaders

3. attract teenagers so they stick around

4. run great events for everyone’s kids (not just church)

5. run after school clubs

6. run a longer holiday club

7. be another ‘responsible adult’ in the community

8. be a good role model

9. to build and lead a team of volunteers

10. run midweek events for teenagers

11. provide support for local parents and families

12. provide a safe meeting place for youngsters to meet and make friends and just be without pressure to achieve

13. to provide a bridge between church and community

14. offer youngsters the opportunity to try out new activities and experiences outside of the school and home environment

15. to create a vital and dynamic service for young people in the locality

16. to help the church grow.

...you might help if:

17. you work alot and need more good things for your youngsters to do

18. you want someone to make a difference within your community

19. you want teenagers to be involved in local activities rather than be bored yawn!

20. you want to be involved by giving your time and talents to something worthwhile in our community.